If you’re the “black sheep” in your family, then it’s going to too obvious and you can’t hide it.

Being the black sheep can be a blessing or a curse. You’ll most likely be adored by your family, but you have a few quirks that leave your relatives questioning why you do what you do.

But just in case you’re not so sure you’re a black sheep, here are 10 absolute indications that you really are a rebel:

1. You Dress Differently

You’ve probably have your own sense of fashion, and you long since abandoned the “norms” your parents tried to teach you.

2. You Go Your Own Way

Perhaps you struggle to form close relationships with your family? And they may even find it difficult to relate to you? Either way, you’re a break away child, so embrace it.

3. Religion Is Antiquated To You

If you were born into a religious family, you probably cringed your way through prayers.

4. You Laugh At The Word Career

Perhaps you were lucky to avert the constant persuasion to pursue a career, whether in law, or a doctor. You’ve escaped this trap but still your family perceive you as an outcast and wonder what happened to you. Any family gathering would surely have some awkwardness.

5. You’ve Succeeded and Proved Everybody Wrong

So you avoided a career and lived life in the fast line. You’re able to propel yourself to excel at your chosen field that bring you a wealth of riches and happiness. And maybe even some jealousy from your family. You’ve proved all the naysayers wrong. Go you!

6. Your Life Is A Complete Wreck

On the opposite end of the spectrum to number 5. Perhaps you haven’t found your niche and now you think your family has it better than you, or that you’re an embarrassment to them.

7. You Have Nothing In Common With Your Family

Without fail, you always manage to be different than your family. Why? Because they’re all likely football fanatics, and you couldn’t kick a ball to save yourself.

8. Your Family Predicts The Worst From You

You might even notice you’re not top of their favorites list. Another sibling may get more adoration than you. Quite simply they use you flamboyant character against you.

9. You’re Never Invited to Family Occasions

Your spontaneity kind of scares them a little. Why take the risk of something unusual happening by inviting the unpredictable you?

10. You’re Actually The Shining Star Of Your Family

….and underneath, your family admires your tenacity and drive to be true to yourself.

Deep down, they know they tried to tame you but the older you got the harder it got and much respect is given to you from them.

Secretly, they wish they were liberated from their “normal” life but the fear has held them back. You’re the shining star they look up to, no matter what they say to you.

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