In the past left-handed people were often slightly ostracized compared to those who were right-handed.

Some were perceived to be less special than others and in extreme cases they were seen as dirty and incompetent.

Using the left hand was once considered to be socially unacceptable and only to be used to wipe one’s bottom when using the restroom.

Even manufacturers of tools would always ensure their designs met the needs to right-handed people, leaving the lefties behind. However, this soon changed as companies realized that they could in fact make more money by manufacturing tools specifically designed for left-handers.

So, if you’re a a left-hander, you might be glad to be living in today’s world or if you still think it’s a curse then here’s five awesome facts for you:

1. You Are In A Minority

It’s possible that more people would be left-handed if it weren’t for us being encouraged at a young age to use our right hand. It’s claimed that 10-15 per cent of the world’s population are left-handed. So you are a rarity for sure.

2. You Are Warriors

Maybe not literally, but you’ve certainly had to battle your through forms of disapproval at a young age and even become accustomed to living in a world that caters to the needs of right-handed people.

3. You Have A Competitive Advantage

Have you noticed something when playing or watching sports, such as baseball or boxing, that right-handed people seem to struggle to predict hitting or throwing patterns? Scientists have often believed that the gift of left-handedness has been maintained in our genetics as it was advantage in fighting and survival.

4. You Have A Dedicated Holiday

Did anyone ever tell you that there’s a special day of each year dedicated to left-handed people?

It’s August 13th. Mark that on your calendar. And you can even join a club with over 140,000 members here. You’ll find many fun and inspiring things to do. Happy holidays!

5. There Are Many Famous Left-Handers

If success in life is to be measured by which hand you use, then there’s no need to worry.

Some famous and successful left-handers include Leonardo Da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin, David Bowie and Albert Einstein. The Simpsons cartoonist Matt Groening, and Bart Simpson himself!

So, left-handers may be in a minority but they’re certainly no less fortunate than their right-hand counterparts!

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