A broken heart can often feel impossible to heal. Even the most strong and self-assured can find it difficult to overcome a breakup.

The love, joy and passion that relationships bring can everlasting but breakup can suddenly bring everything to a halt. You may end up question what “love” actually means and even wonder if you will ever find love again.

But when your emotions descend into prolonged sadness, ruminating or longing to get back together then it’s time to face the suffering, cut the emotional ties and move on with life.

It’s been shown that those people who find it the most difficult to deal with a breakup a more susceptible to heightened distress and poor psychological adjustment.

So, here are 7 ways in which you can rise above the heartache and finally move on.

1. Embrace The Change

This is about freeing yourself and letting go. Be grateful for the experiences you’ve had as there are lessons to be learned from everything. Rather than repeatedly questioning what you think you did wrong or could have done differently, practice the skill of accepting what has happened and know that you’ll only go stronger as a result of your hardships.

2. Have Compassion for Yourself

You don’t need anyone to tell how hard a breakup is. So don’t beat yourself up about things. Indulge yourself in kindness and forgiveness. Treat yourself as you would like a friend to treat you!

3. Control Your Feelings and Emotions

You neither want to feed or avoid the pain. Practicing mind and body techniques is one method to center and balance yourself. You have to sit with your feelings no matter what they are, allow them to flow and finally decide if they should stay or go. Think of the pain as energy, it has to go somewhere and never stays still. So, do you want it going round in circles within you? Or channel that energy elsewhere?

4. Have Time For Yourself

Without a partner, you’ll probably have a lot more time on your hands. You should invest this time is activities, passions and forms of creativity which can help the release of emotions. Doing this is an act of self-love which shows you really do have the ability to overcome anything.

5. Stop Longing To Get Back Together

Some cold, hard self-discipline is needed to break this vicious tendency to want to revive what’s now in the past. That means stop trying to make contact with the person or even peeking at their social media pages as this will only feed more thoughts about what they’re doing. It won’t help you to notice if they’re getting together with someone else and might prolong the deep pain.

6. Talk To Others

Ensure that you’re around caring, trusting, loving friends or family that understand what you’re going through. You don’t want to be isolated. They will help you to gain a new perspective on things and even take your mind of your ex.

7. Remember The Positive Experiences

The pain you’re going through is only temporary. You will find love again. You’ll no doubt have many positive, uplifting experiences with your ex and you can be sure that there’s another person out there who will bring much more positive experiences.

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