You’ve probably already heard of the many concerns surrounding the use of commonly prescribed antibiotics.

From destabilizing our natural gut flora by killing the good bacteria as well as the bad, the long term side-effects, and the fact that now our bodies are becoming resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics.

To give you an idea, antibiotic resistant pathogens were estimated to be the cause of death in over 50,000 cases in Europe and the USA in 2015. (Source: NCBI)

So what can we do to help ourselves?

Consider using nature’s very own plant-based antibiotics.

Here is a list of easy to obtain, alternative natural antibiotics that we all should consider to help limit our dependency on modern, pharmaceutical versions.

1. Oregano Oil

Oregano is a powerhouse when it comes to killing bacteria, fungal or viral infections. (Source: Microbiology Society) It’s known to destroy cell membranes of dangerous pathogens which stop them from replicating. Oregano can fight intestinal bacterial infections including E.Coli, and can be an effective treatment for Candida overgrowth.

2. Garlic

No introduction needed, as this is commonly found in a lot of peoples kitchens.

The Sulphur content provides a healthy defense against unwanted bacterial growth (Source: NCBI) and can improve intestinal health by not only killing gut pathogens but even feeding and facilitating the growth of friendly microbes.

3. Honey

A well known and long time remedy for burns and wounds with its antimicrobial properties. To get the most benefit, shop around for various strengths of Manuka Honey in particular, for its potent antibacterial qualities.

4. Clove

Clove has powerful antimicrobial properties as well as acting as an antioxidant. It most notably tackles Staph infections that are hard to get rid of via other methods. [Source: NCBI]

5. Colloidal Silver

A slightly different type of ‘natural’, as you need the appropriate equipment to make this type of remedy yourself (thankfully, there are companies that supply this for you). This is an age old remedy, that scientists today still don’t know exactly how it works but they do know it can bind to bacterial cell membranes and block their ability to replicate.

(If you need any convincing evidence, you can read over 650 documents that were released by Larry C. Ford, MD : NCBI)

6. Goldenseal

Traditionally used by Native American Indians as their go-to antidote to various infections. Today it’s still a valuable solution to the common cold, flu or even Bronchitis and Streptococcus.

7. Thyme

This herb has been known to treat Dysbiosis can can assist in re-balancing the gut flora. Thymol is the name of the compound found in Thyme oil which provides the antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties.

8. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms can naturally give your immune system a boost as well as containing antimicrobial properties. [Source: NCBI]

This can also enhance your brain function thanks to its abundance of essential amino acids.

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