The word “light” in “enlightenment” is no coincidence, if you take on board what scientists have discovered that is.

Scientists have found that neurons in mammalian brain had the ability to form photons of light called “biophotons”. These also had appeared on the visible spectrum of light as they infrared from near-infrared to violet (200 to 1,300 nanometers).

As a result of these findings it’s been suggested that neurons in the human brain may also be capable of the same function and have optical communication channels.

It’s raised the question if our brains are affected by what’s known as “quantum entanglement”, where the activity photons are linked to our consciousness or what some may call spirit.

During a series of experiments, rats were shown to produce one biophoton per neuron every minutes, where as human beings could produce over one billion every second.

Throughout the history of religion, whether it’s Christianity or Hinduism, there have been many references to “light” in form of enlightened beings having a circle of light around their head. Whether this was actual visible light, or simply a metaphor for enlightenment, it’s still an intriguing question.

Could these enlightened beings emanate biophotons with much more intensity due to their enlightenment? Or another fascinating question is whether our consciousness or spirit is even contained in our bodies?

Remember that quantum entanglement means that 2 entangled photons react if one of these photos is affected, and it doesn’t matter where this other photon in located it will instantaneously react. It’s also been demonstrated in many other experiments that simply observing a photon causes it’s behavior to change.

So, perhaps our consciousness can communicate with our bodies using biophotons? The implications of this are profound and you can certainly spend a long time contemplating on what this all means.

Maybe this will shed some light (excuse the pun) on the mysteries of what is our consciousness and how, where and why is it there.

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