We all run into obstacles in life, just when we’ve figured out a plan, a goal or a desire, there are often situations that arise out of the blue that just lead us to feeling stuck and lacking momentum.

This can often lead to us feeling depressed, lacking motivation and becoming apathetic about life. All we want is to feel something new and feel more alive.

So how do we uplift ourselves from this unfortunate place?

Let’s first understand that being stuck is simply having recurring patterns that cycle over and over again. Which goes something like this:

You know that where you are in life in undesirable which leads to a yearning for change, but you feel lost as to what to do, which then feeds a feeling of defeat. This can often be overbearing, lead you right back around the cycle again.

So how do we truly breakaway from this pattern?

1. Neutralize Yourself

This means to observe yourself from another perspective. Suspend your judgments and perceptions of yourself just enough so you can gain a new perspective on your scenario.

You most likely notice your frustration or anger rise to the surface and this is time to treat it with honesty and respect by acknowledging that it’s only right to feel that way and not something to suppressed.

Notice what other feelings, thoughts and perspectives arise as you explore why you feel that way. What you’re actually doing here is rising above the pain and becoming more neutral i.e. non-judgmental towards yourself. Great! This is how you break the first chain in the cycle.

2. End The Resistance

After we’ve acknowledged what’s in our way, it’s time to let go. You may or may not have been aware that this cycle depends upon you holding onto certain believes and perspectives about your scenario and yourself.

By becoming neutral and observing ourselves it liberates us to the point where we finally declare that we want to move forward.

It’s our minds that have developed this cycle of resistance as it’s afraid of the unknown and therefore feels the comfort of being accustomed to what it’s used to (going around that cycle).

3. Know Where You Want To Go Next

What’s your goal? What does moving on look like to you? What does it feel like? How would you feel if you really did achieve your desired outcome? What does it look like in your imagination? Color that picture in and bring it to life.

Finally, put an emotion behind the image.

Feel it as though it was actually happening now and allow them replace your existing feelings. Bring it to the forefront of your consciousness to the point where you forget what was occupying your inner space to begin with.

You’re not only just using your mind for this. You’re in fact using your imagination which is a part of your inner wisdom i.e. your greater intelligence.

This is not day dreaming either. This is what you naturally do all of the time but are normally unaware that you’re living each day like this.

In fact, your imagination played a part in the recurring cycle that you are trying to break away from. Only this time, you’re taking the reigns and there’s no limit to where you can go and what you can accomplish with this method.

To be trapped in a cycle, is to be repeating this method, except you were not being neutral and free flowing with thoughts, feelings and emotions, you were being “rooted” in a particular thought, feeling and emotion.

In other words, what were you imagining and feeling during that cycle, you were simply repeating it over and over again internally and it was manifesting itself in your reality in which you wanting to change.

All we’re doing here is using the same system but to create something you really want. With these three simple steps you can manifest a whole new trajectory in life. Bon voyage!

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