The science field has seemingly always appeared separate from the spiritual community with skepticism or downright dismissal of how our minds, or consciousness, can affect our physical well being.

However, in recent times, there’s been an increased recognition from various scientists proving a link between the mind and the body, known as the “placebo affect”.

Inside the United States alone, the placebo affect, and treatments that incorporate the essence of the placebo has sky-rocketed. More and more people have gone beyond the routine of simple calling a doctor and receiving a prescription to resolve their illness.

And a study shows that perhaps the power of the placebo is just as effective, if not overtaking, the power of the prescription medication:

“The analysis revealed that in U.S. trials conducted in 1993, pain medications were rated to be an average of 27 percent more effective than placebo pills. In the 2013 trials, however, the pain medication was only 9 percent more effective than the placebo. The difference wasn’t attributed to decreased effectiveness of the medication, but instead to a greater response to the placebo. In other words, the sugar pill has become nearly as effective as medication in alleviating pain.

Carolyn Gregoire in Placebo Effect Puzzle Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads.”

We may not be seeing much encouragement to take up any kind of placebo type of remedy by our doctors any time soon but this does show that we have as much strength in our own bodies than what a pill could provide us.

With the mentioned study only taking into account painkillers, it’s worth noting that similar observations have been made with regards to anti-depressants.

The United States currently has has more than 1-in-5 people taking psychiatric drugs. And with plenty of controversial debates surrounding these drugs, many people have opted to go their own way and take matters into our own hands which could be a more fruitful way to heal the body.


It’s no strange concept amongst those in the spiritual community to listen to your body, find balance in order to heal unconscious trauma. Meditation, yoga and exercise form just some ways in which we can explore alternative healing practices.

However, Peter Levine, who is the author of Waking The Tiger, is an advocate of tuning into our bodies and finding resolution to the causes of our ailments from within through Somatic Experiencing.

Levine has observed through his many clients that each body depicts a story of trauma, even when a client has no specific memory of traumas. By attuning oneself to the “story”, the body was allowed to process and complete what was once neglected and formed pain and suffering. As a bonus, clients experienced a deeper connection to themselves, heightened body awareness and an overall change in habitual ways.


The bridge between science in spirituality has already been built.

Today, there are many books proclaiming the remarkable ways in which we can affect our physical state, whether it’s doctors like Dr Lissa Rankin, author of “Mind Over Medicine”, or scientists like Gregg Braden taking to the world stage to show us the evidence in such books as “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief“.

But there is one question that springs to mind, with the increased recognition of the placebo – is our power to heal ourselves getting ever more stronger?

It does seem that the more we learn, realise and actualise various methods relating to the placebo, and even the more mainstream attitudes change, the more self-healing power we seem to accumulate.

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