911 Emergency’s don’t often include lost teddy bears. But in one unusual case, a police officer came to rescue for an autistic child who lost his furry friend.

The 12 year old, named Ryan Paul, was wrought with anxiety after he couldn’t find his teddy bear anywhere in his home in Woodbridge New Jersey.

Inspite of his panic, one thing he did remember though, was how his parents instructed him to call 911 in case of emergencies. After dialing 911 Ryan then briefly said a few words before hanging up:

“The teddy bear fell down again. Don’t worry, I’ll rescue you. Goodbye again, see you again.”

The police dispatcher had no time to respond, however emergency protocol insists that an officer must respond to any terminated phone calls.

Officer Khari Manzini was then sent out to the boys house, and thankfully so. Manzini just happened to have specialized training from the POAC Autism Services which he used to determine the reason for Ryan’s emergency call, and joined the search for the teddy bear.

Officer Manzini told News 12 New Jersey:

“Ryan was very happy to see me…And I was actually happy to see him happy and that we had gotten the teddy bear back.”

With a huge sigh of relief for Ryan, his parents also expressed gratitude for the patience and understanding of the emergency services.

However, it’s also good to know that Ryan’s parents stated they would certainly be teaching their son what constitutes a real emergency before calling 911.

You can watch the news coverage here:

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