It turns out that is yet another way you can be of service to the environment: change your laundry habits.

Did you know that just by washing your and drying your clothes every two days contributes 440 kilgograms of CO2 emissions each year?

That’s about the same as taking a flight from London to Glasgow, as expert Mike Berners-Lee pointed in in an article for The Guardian.

Besides just the carbon emissions, we also have to consider the pollution from the wastewater, which carries an amount of chemical detergents, that eventually finds its way into natural clean waters.

Some of the solutions lie in your hands, and they’re pretty simple. They might even help you save money and reduce the time you spend on this chore!

1. Substitute the toxic chemical products for alternative plant-based products.

By avoiding such chemicals like chlorine bleach for oxygen bleach you’ll be doing yourself a favor as they’re not only a hazard to the environment but are known to contain carcinogenic chemicals.

2. Get creative by making your own laundry products.

Did you know that baking soda, sea salt, vinegar or even lemons have cleaning power that could rival any modern laundry product out there?

3. Switch to using cold instead hot water.

Just the process of heating your water contributes a significant amount of energy, before you even start to wash your clothes.

4. Limit the load of washing.

Rather than doing a daily wash, why not wait till you’ve really got a pile clothes ready to go. This simple but significant when it comes to saving all of that energy.

5. Say goodbye to your machine dryer and welcome a laundry line instead!

You can really benefit the environment by avoiding machine drying, which increases your carbon footprint). Your clothes could even last a little longer without all that shrinking and stretching and machine dyers are notorious for.

Do want to learn how to live more environmentally-friendly? This is a great resource:

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