Today’s modern world of dating can no doubt be tumultuous, and first dates often carry a certain degree of trepidation. Hasn’t it always?

But even though the accessibility of dating apps and online services may have eliminated most of the initial face-to-face pressure, this has only helped to ratchet up those pre-first date nerves.

How will the date turn out? What will I wear? What about those awkward silences?

These are the usual questions one would ask. And, of course, today every women would want to take protective measures to ensure they’re safe and aware of any dating red flags.

So, how can you set yourself up for a successful first date and avoid the biggest mistakes women often make?

1. Have Something To Talk About

Before setting out have a clear intention of what you would prefer to talk about. After all, you’re both tying to get to know each other but you don’t have to divulge into your life history.

Being prepared will help you to avoid any awkward silence for both of you.

2. Avoid Doing All The Talking

Talking too much and not letting your date get a word in is only going to lead to disaster. Going into overdrive about your childhood pets or your dearest Aunt, is only going to isolate your date and risk putting him off you.

Give yourself a breather, let him do some talking. Sometimes less is more and adds a bit of mystery too!

3. Fiddling With Your Cell Phone

This could be the number one things that would kill the buzz of any date. It would be inappropriate, depressing and uncomfortable for the other person to be left trying to engage with your while you’re being distracted by your phone every 30 seconds.

Is your phone really more important than the person you’re on a date with? Or vice versa, how would you feel if the man took his attention away from you whilst texting someone who is not even physically present.

Put the phone away.

4. Tell Someone You Trust Where You’re Going

This could be a trusted family member or friend, who you could share details about who it is you’re going to meet and where you’re meeting. It’s crucial to let at least one person know for your own safety, particularly if you’re meeting someone from a dating app for the first time.

5. Meet In A Public Place

This may sound obvious, but a reminder won’t cause any harm here. Your first date should always take place in a public space and never in a place where you are both alone. A place where there’s a lot of people will clearly be safer for you and a deterrent if the person has any intention of causing you harm. As already stated in number 4, inform someone you trust of where you’re going as well.

6. Don’t Be Defenseless

We’re talking physically here. In today’s day and age, you never truly know what kind of person you’re talking on an app, so be prepared to protect yourself. This shouldn’t necessary invoke too much fear. By taking self-defense classes, for example, can really boost your confidence and empower you so you don’t feel powerless if a scenario where you need to protect yourself arises.

Another way to protect yourself is to carry a personal alarm, they’re inexpensive to buy and it takes no special training to use!

Dating is supposed to be fun and so it’s important not to let nerves get the better of you. Following the tips above will give you confidence, calm your nerves and keep you safe so you can enjoy the experience.

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